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Bale Trek Ethiopia tours is a Locally owned and operated tour Company Based in Bale and Addis Ababa Ethiopia,(BTET) is one of Ethioipais Premier tour Operator,s, it is Well Organised Company Providing exceptional Holidays Opportunity Throughout Ethiopia to groups and individuals, We are committed to offering quality Services at  Reasonable prices, Bale trek Ethiopia tours group and Private Trips to all Sites Situated at Bale and from corners to corners of Ethiopian and Covering all the Tourist Sites in Ethiopia.

Bale Trek Ethiopia tours is Locally  owned and operated tour Company Based in Bale mountains national park and in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Our product Offering including Adventure tours, Trekking tours, Cultural tour to endogenous Omo valley Tribes, Wildlife Safari tour, Birdwatching tours, Filming tour, Logistical arrangements for Filming, photography tour, and Historical Sites tour such as Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Lake Tana, Harar, Tigrai Rock hewn churches, etc,

Our Popular Tours

Our Tour and Services:


  • Mountain Trekking, Adventure tours at Bale Mountain and Siemian mountain National parks
  • Omo Valleys Tribal Exploration
  • Cultural tour to the Historic Route of Ethiopia’s
  • Photographic tours
  • Charter Flights arrangements
  • Bird watching tours
  • Dallol Erta Ale Lava Lake Expeditions
  • Logistical arrangements for Filming and aerial photography
  • Safari tour
  • Car hire, rent, and more- for every trip on this Site, you will have detailed additional information,

Why to choose Bale Trek Ethiopia tours?​

All our tours are guided by a highly experienced team of (BTET) our services will create more interesting, knowledge. Unforgettable adventure trekking holidays for you the most important and  Consideration for safe enjoyable Adventurer and Trekking Tours. Our experienced team leader. Tour guides, drivers, Cooks, pay careful attention to arrangements for the preparation of food and strict rules of Hygiene. We prefer maxima of 8-12 pre groups impact on the environment we provide our clients or customer with highly clear details of the cost of your tour fully aware of extra expenses and including we offer unique vacation package with attractive prices that include choices of accommodations and transportation then you will definitely be interested in our services if you are traveling in our country, independently, with family’s, or groups.  

Dear respected travelers if you have any questions, send us an e-mail, or call us. our team of friendly experts are more than happy to help you a trip of a Lifetime to the magical land of Ethiopia if any of you are planning to come to Ethiopia with dreams of exploring the spectacular Bale mountains national park and its natural untouched and through trekking and driving with Bale Trek Ethiopian tours please contact us for any inquires, comments, and supports, we are here to offer you service. We appreciated the discussion and you will have details printed. Please come and make your dreams true.